• Web application development lifecycle for small medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

      Huang, Wei; Li, Ru; Maple, Carsten; Yang, Hongji; Foskett, David; Cleaver, Vince (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2008)
      Software engineering has proven to be very important for standard software development. But, can Web applications be engineered as well? Currently, J2EE, Apache/Perl/PDP/MySQL and .NET have been universally accepted as Web application development technology, but there is no universal accepted methodology for Web application development process. Web application needs to be engineered by moving focus from technology to process. In this paper, a novel lifecycle model for Web application development in SMEs has been proposed. It includes two iterative process phases with a pre-iterative sequential process phase. This model has been applied to a real-world project and the result has proved its potential to shape the way on how web applications can be engineered in SMEs.