• Towards a geometrical cognitive framework

      Frommholz, Ingo; Van Rijsbergen, Keith; Crestani, Fabio; Lalmas, Mounia; University of Glasgow; University of Lugano (Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen, 2010)
      Ingwersens cognitive framework is regarded as the begin- ning of a turn which eventually should bring together classical system- oriented and user-oriented IR communities. One of the consequences of this framework is the polyrepresentation principle. The Logical Uncertainty Principle (LUP) is regarded as a compatible model with the cognitive framework. Recently it was shown how LUP can be expressed using the mathematics of Hilbert spaces. This formalism, which is applied in quantum mechanics, harmonises geometry, probability theory and logics. Apart from being a way to express LUP, a further potential arises from a quantum perspective of IR. We present an interactive framework as an example of a quantum-inspired approach which also supports polyrepresentation