• Using grid for data sharing to support intelligence in decision making

      Bessis, Nik; French, Tim; Burakova-Lorgnier, M.; Huang, Wei; University of Bedfordshire; University of Reading; Université Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV, France (IGI Global, 2007)
      This chapter is about conceptualizing the applicability of grid related technologies for supporting intelligence in decision-making. It aims to discuss how the open grid service architecture—data, access integration (OGSA-DAI) can facilitate the discovery of and controlled access to vast data-sets, to assist intelligence in decision making. Trust is also identified as one of the main challenges for intelligence in decision-making. On this basis, the implications and challenges of using grid technologies to serve this purpose are also discussed. To further the explanation of the concepts and practices associated with the process of intelligence in decision-making using grid technologies, a minicase is employed incorporating a scenario. That is to say, “Synergy Financial Solutions Ltd” is presented as the minicase, so as to provide the reader with a central and continuous point of reference.