• Accessible and secure? design constraints on image and sound based passwords

      Gibson, Marcia; Conrad, Marc; Maple, Carsten; Renaud, Karen; University of Bedfordshire (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2010)
      When members of society cannot access the World Wide Web, or the information and services it contains in a meaningful or useful way, they can become digitally excluded. Many factors have been highlighted as having an effect on the likelihood of exclusion, including psychological, material and skills related barriers. In this paper, we consider the role played by authentication systems in the divide. In light of the widely researched tension between aspects of usability and security in authentication, we identify a number of conflicting accessibility and security goals as manifested in image and sound based schemes.
    • Music is the key: using our enduring memory for songs to help users log on

      Gibson, Marcia; Renaud, Karen; Conrad, Marc; Maple, Carsten (IGI Global, 2012)
      Devising access control systems to support needs and capabilities of users, as well as the security requirements of organisations, is a key challenge faced in many of today’s business environments. If users are to behave securely, they must not be overburdened with unworkable authentication policies and methods. Yet the prevailing alphanumeric password can be a double-edged sword: secure passwords are inherently difficult to recall and vice-versa. Consequentially, a growing number of alternatives are emerging. In this chapter, the authors describe one novel scheme - a musical password. Musipass was designed with the user in mind and is tailored toward the task of authentication on the Web, where biometric and token-based systems have proved unsuccessful in replacing the flawed, yet prevalent traditional password. This chapter, which includes discussion on current thinking in the field of authentication, will be of interest to information managers, security practitioners, and HCI professionals.
    • Musipass: authenticating me softly with "my" song

      Gibson, Marcia; Renaud, Karen; Conrad, Marc; Maple, Carsten (ACM, 2009)
      The modern world increasingly requires us to prove our identity. When this has to be done remotely, as is the case when people make use of web sites, the most popular technique is the password. Unfortunately the profusion of web sites and the associated passwords reduces their efficacy and puts severe strain on users' limited cognitive resources. There is clearly a need for some creativity in terms of providing viable alternatives to passwords. This paper reports experiences of the use of a musical password, one composed of melodies instead of alphanumerics. Music is universal all over the globe and humans have superior memory for music. We report here on the evaluation of a prototype of such a musical password system, which demonstrates superior memorability.