• Applying information foraging theory to understand user interaction with content-based image retrieval

      Liu, Haiming; Mulholland, Paul; Song, Dawei; Uren, Victoria; Rüger, Stefan (ACM, 2010)
      The paper proposes an ISE (Information goal, Search strategy, Evaluation threshold) user classification model based on Information Foraging Theory for understanding user interaction with content-based image retrieval (CBIR). The proposed model is verified by a multiple linear regression analysis based on 50 users' interaction features collected from a task-based user study of interactive CBIR systems. To our best knowledge, this is the first principled user classification model in CBIR verified by a formal and systematic qualitative analysis of extensive user interaction data.
    • Multimedia: behaviour, interfaces and interaction

      Liu, Haiming; Little, Suzanne; Rüger, Stefan (Facet publishing, 2011)
      Information retrieval (IR) is a complex human activity supported by sophisticated systems. Information science has contributed much to the design and evaluation of previous generations of IR system development and to our general understanding of how such systems should be designed and yet, due to the increasing success and diversity of IR systems, many recent textbooks concentrate on IR systems themselves and ignore the human side of searching for information. This book is the first text to provide an information science perspective on IR.