• Performance improvement of the LM device and its application to precise measurement of motion trajectories within a small range with a machining centre

      Qiu, Hua; Yue, Yong; Kubo, Akio; Lin, Chao; Cheng, Kai; Huo, Dehong; Li, Dayou (Scientific Research Publishing, 2012)
      In order to apply the LM device previously developed to precisely measuring small motion trajectories located on the different motion planes, three major improvements are successfully performed under the condition of completely maintaining the advantages of the device. These improvements include 1) development of a novel connection mechanism to smoothly attach the device to the spindle of a machining centre; 2) employment of a new data sampling method to achieve a high sampling frequency independent of the operating system of the control computer; and 3) proposal of a set-up method to conveniently install the device on the test machining centre with respect to different motion planes. Practical measurement experiment results with the improved device on a machining centre sufficiently demonstrate the effectiveness of the improvements and confirm several features including a very good response to small displacement close to the resolution of the device, high precision, repeatability and reliance. Moreover, based on the measurement results for a number of trajectories for a wide range of motion conditions, the error characteristics of small size motions are systematically discussed and the effect of the movement size and feed rate on the motion accuracy is verified for the machining centre tested.
    • A sensing device for gasoline engine speed of a miniature Portable Unmanned Helicopter

      Lin, Chang Jun; Ozaki, Hiroaki; Qiu, Hua; Yue, Yong (Inderscience, 2010)
      This paper presents a sensing device for gasoline engine speed used in a miniature Portable Unmanned Helicopter (PUH). The sensing device has several favourable features appropriate for PUH control, i.e., small, light, accurate and easy to handle in the control operation, especially, easy and low-cost for manufacturing. Moreover, it is also applicable to general gasoline engines. Experimental results with a miniature PUH have demonstrated the effectiveness and practicability of the sensing device for the application in PUH control. The novel method has been submitted for Patent in Japan.