• Piloting the home network

      Freiderikos, Vasilis; Gaiti, Dominique; Insler, Romain; Jaffre, Pierre; Kortebi, Abdesselem; Meyer, Sylvain; Molinier, Lionel; Pujolle, Guy; Zimmermann, Hubert (IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2009)
      This article presents a way to manage and control home networking and, more specifically, a method to control the QoS within a HN. For providing this control, a new advanced platform was developed, based on a KP and unified knowledge management policies. This solution is very important for the development of mesh-networks within the home with adequate use of the combination of WiFi and PLC networks. A more extensive investigation of this technology is planned for the near future, including aspects such as congestion control and maintenance of the HN.