• Enriching the object-oriented paradigm via shadows in the context of mathematics

      Conrad, Marc; French, Tim; Huchard, Marianne; Maple, Carsten; Pott, Sandra (ETH Zurich, Chair of Software Engineering, 2006)
      It is well-known that few object-oriented programming languages allow objects to change their nature at run-time. In this paper we discuss the need for object-oriented programming languages to reflect the dynamic nature of problems, particularly those arising in a mathematical context. It is from this context that we present a framework, together with a Java-like implementation of that framework, that realistically represents the dynamic and evolving characteristic of problems and algorithms.
    • Mathematical use cases lead naturally to Non-Standard Inheritance Relationships

      Conrad, Marc; French, Tim; Maple, Carsten; Pott, Sandra (Springer, 2004)