• Semiotic models of trust and usability for agent-managed grid services

      French, Tim; Huang, Wei; Hill, Richard; Polovina, Simon (SpringerLink, 2008)
      This paper seeks to build upon existing work concerning the role of “soft” issues including trust and usability in the context of Grid services. Previous research has suggested that there is a trust ‘gap’. Without seeking to engender intangible trust, usability needs cannot be met effectively. Trust formation is a precursor of usability not only at the point of first contact with Grid services but also as an integral part of the user experience. Whilst tangible security aspects of Grid services are relatively well understood, intangible aspects of trust, are less well developed. The contribution offered here aims to fill the trust ‘gap’ using Stamper’s semiotic ladder. Consequently, a tailored HCI is identified to meet the usability and trust needs of a potentially diverse Grid user-community. The use of this approach is accordingly offered as means of satisfying the demands of a user-centric agent to fulfill this role.