• Integrating the semiotic into UML via enhancing and cross-validating use case with an enriched domain model

      Oussena, Samia; French, Tim (IGI Global, 2011)
      Use case models are a representation of the way in which users of the system interact with it. The UML specification driven approach to system development enable the use case model to be continuously refined and cross-validated from a number of system viewpoints. However, little has been done for validating the model against the organisational and workgroup setting in which the system will reside. This article aims to address this gap by the use of techniques derived from organisational semiotics for validating use case models against a wider aspect of organisational culture and meaning making at the organisational, workgroup and actor level of abstraction. Such approach will enhance the system development by providing “goodness of fit” between system model and organisational values and beliefs.