• Magnetic surface patterns made by non-destructive laser interference

      Hou, Yu; Wang, Zuobin; Song, Jiaojiao; Li, Dayou; Yue, Yong; Maple, Carsten; Changchun University of Science and Technology; University of Bedfordshire (IEEE, 2013-08)
      This paper presents a method to make magnetic surface patterns by non-destructive laser interference, and periodic magnetic fringes produced on magnetic material surfaces are investigated by magnetic force microscopy (MFM). Various thermal effects are obtained by two beam laser interference with different exposure times and pulse energies. The experimental results have shown that magnetic patterns can be made on magnetic materials by laser interference without any damage to the surfaces. The method provides a way for the rapid producing of magnetic marks or recording magnetic data in a large area on a magnetic material surface, and it could be useful for biological, material, optical, electronic and information engineering applications.