• Recognizing facial expressions: a comparison of computational approaches

      Shenoy, Aruna; Gale, Tim M.; Davey, Neil; Christiansen, Bruce; Frank, Ray (Springer, 2008)
      Recognizing facial expressions are a key part of human social interaction,and processing of facial expression information is largely automatic, but it is a non-trivial task for a computational system. The purpose of this work is to develop computational models capable of differentiating between a range of human facial expressions. Raw face images are examples of high dimensional data, so here we use some dimensionality reduction techniques: Linear Discriminant Analysis, Principal Component Analysis and Curvilinear Component Analysis. We also preprocess the images with a bank of Gabor filters, so that important features in the face images are identified. Subsequently the faces are classified using a Support Vector Machine. We show that it is possible to differentiate faces with a neutral expression from those with a smiling expression with high accuracy. Moreover we can achieve this with data that has been massively reduced in size: in the best case the original images are reduced to just 11 dimensions.
    • Representation and classification of facial expression in a modular computational model

      Shenoy, Aruna; Gale, Tim M.; Frank, Ray; Davey, Neil (World Scientific Pub Co Inc, 2008)