• ELAMP (Strand B)- Final report

      D'Arcy, Kate (National Association of Teachers of Travellers +Other Professionals - NATT+, 2010)
      This report is based on the ‘Back on Track’ initiative that was part of the final year of the ELAMP Strand B pilot. This initiative began in September 2009 and has involved just 12 of the TES partners, who between them have supported 50 learners. These partners were given funding to secure a consistent one - day - per - week staffing commitment. The report will discuss the cohort, their educational contexts and continued levels of achievement. It draws from the perspective of both tutors and learners and includes six case- studies which were the outcome of visits to different TES and interviews with tutors and young Travellers alike.
    • Learning and digital inclusion: the ELAMP project

      D'Arcy, Kate; University of Bedfordshire (Taylor and Francis, 2012)
      The Electronic Learning and Mobility Project (ELAMP) was a nationally funded project by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, which ran from 2004 to 2010. The main aim of ELAMP was to improve the education of Traveller children, particularly highly mobile learners. ELAMP focussed upon the use of mobile technology and distance learning to support, enhance and extend young Travellers’ educational and vocational opportunities. This article will reflect upon the learning and technological experiences and opportunities that the ELAMP project provided for Traveller children, young people and their families. In doing so it will critically consider the value of information technology in working with Traveller communities and advancing their educational opportunities. Reviewing ELAMP work will also demonstrate how the use of mobile technology can improve educational outcomes and Traveller families’ digital inclusion. Now that the project has ended, this article will question why we are not using what we learnt from ELAMP to move forward.