• Are happier people, healthier people? The relationship between perceived happiness, personal control, BMI and health preventive behaviours

      Cook, Erica Jane; Chater, Angel M.; University of Bedfordshire (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2010)
    • Factors influencing the diet patterns and uptake of physical activity among Black families

      Ochieng, Bertha (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2011)
      This paper provides insight into the influences of dietary behaviour and physical activity on the experiences of Black families of African Caribbean descent. It draws on data from a community-based qualitative study based in the north of England. Ten African Caribbean families participated in the study. There were several social cultural factors that influenced their decisions about food choices and participation in physical activity. The socio-economic status, values and belief systems of the participants determined their attempts and desires to eat healthily and to participate in physical activities. The findings highlighted the dynamic and interactive nature of the interplay between the structural and cultural factors of the context in which participants formed their attitudes towards experiences of healthy diet and participation in physical activity. It is recommended that to develop effective intervention strategies, it is vital that health promotion practitioners take cognisance of the multidimensional and contextual factors that influence decisions people make about their diet and what physical activity they participate in.