• Higher levels of endogenous estradiol are associated with frailty in postmenopausal women from the Toledo study for healthy aging

      Carcaillon, Laure; García-García, F. J.; Tresguerres, J. A. F.; Gutiérrez Avila, G.; Kireev, R.; Rodríguez-Mañas, Leocadio; Hospital Universitario de Getafe, Toledo (Endocrine Society, 2012-08)
      Adverse effects of higher endogenous estradiol (E2) levels on various clinical outcomes and on determinants of the frailty syndrome have recently been reported. However, there are no data about the potential relationship between E2 and frailty. We aimed to study the association between E2 levels and frailty among older postmenopausal women not taking hormonal therapy.