• Lay representations of HIV/AIDS: a focus on young people from Central and Eastern Europe

      Wilkins, C.; Kinman, Gail; University of Bedfordshire (British Psychology Society, 2011)
      Views of Central and Eastern European migrants towards HIV/AIDS is under-represented in the UK. This article outlines the lay representations that are held towards HIV/AIDS and makes suggestions of how to encourage the use of sexual health services among young CEE migrants.
    • A PhD literature review: tips on electronically organising your literature

      Sharp, Chloe; University of Bedfordshire (British Psychology Society, 2011-06)
      Organising literature for a PhD can be a daunting task, as one reads and records a high volume of sources ranging from journal articles to websites. This article outlines ways of using Microsoft packages and Endnote to organise and evalute one's reading through their literature review.