• Impact of diabetes on physical function in older people

      Sinclair, Alan J.; Conroy, Simon P.; Bayer, Antony J.; University of Bedfordshire; Nottingham University; Cardiff University (American Diabetes Association, 2007-11-16)
      Objective: To explore the nature of functional impairment in older people with diabetes Research design and methods: A population based case-control study, with detailed assessment of diabetes and functional status, was undertaken. Results: 403 cases and 403 matched controls were studied, median age 75 years, 51% female. Subjects with diabetes had more comorbidities than controls (mean 2.5 v 1.9, p<0.0001) and were more likely to have severe functional impairment (4% v 1%, Barthel score <5, p<0.001). Health status pertaining to physical function was reduced in cases (SF36 60 v 40, p<0.0001). In a multivariate model controlling for age, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, COPD, cancer, osteoarthritis and dementia, diabetes remained significantly associated with mobility limitation (OR 2.1, p<0.001). Conclusions: Older people with diabetes have considerable functional impairment associated with reduced health status. This population may benefit from comprehensive geriatric assessment and tailored diabetes management.