• Alcohol misuse and cognitive impairment in older people

      Wadd, Sarah; Randall, James; Thake, Anna; Edwards, Kim; Galvani, Sarah; McCabe, Louise; Coleman, Alan; University of Bedfordshire; Bedford Community Mental Health Team for Older People; South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; et al. (Alcohol Research UK, 2013-12)
      The main objectives of this study were to explore: The extent and nature of cognitive impairment in older people (aged 55 and over) attending substance misuse services in the UK for alcohol problems. The difficulties which substance misuse services face when working with clients with cognitive impairment and how treatment can be modified to take account of cognitive difficulties. The extent to which older people attending substance misuse services find screening with the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (Nasreddine, et al., 2005) acceptable. The extent to which older people with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or early stage dementia can be screened for alcohol problems using standard alcohol screening tools. The extent to which NHS memory assessment services are screening their clients for alcohol problems and the challenges they face in doing so.
    • Alcohol, other drugs and sight loss: a scoping study

      Galvani, Sarah; Livingston, Wulf; Morgan, Hannah; Wadd, Sarah; Manchester Metropolitan University; University of Bedfordshire; Glyndwr University; Lancaster University (Alcohol Research UK, 2014-12)
      The research team and Thomas Pocklington Trust have produced a guide for professionals working in substance use and sight loss.
    • Use as abuse: a feasibility study of alcohol-related elder abuse

      Sullivan, Mary Pat; Gilhooly, Mary; Victor, Christina; Gilhooly, Ken; Wadd, Sarah; Ellender, Nick; Brunel University; University of Bedfordshire; London Borough of Hillingdon (Alcohol Research UK, 2014-01)
      The purpose of this feasibility study was to collect substantive pilot data to scope the extent of alcohol-related elder abuse and neglect, and evaluate data sources and research methods to consider the development of a larger study on the role of alcohol misuse in cases of elder abuse and neglect.