• IMIS : an intelligent multimedia interview system

      Duan, Yanqing; Burrell, Philip; Neinanen, Reino; University of Luton; South Bank University (University Computing Centre, Zagreb, Croatia, 1999)
    • The use of models and methods for strategic planning: towards an holistic view of strategy

      Philpott, Elly; Hamblin, David; Baines, Tim; Kay, G; University of Luton; University of Central Lancashire; Cranfield University (Wiley, 2004)
      Formulating manufacturing business strategy is often fragmented in as much as current tools address upstream and downstream vertical integration with product integration, or more recently, product and infrastructure integration. Rarely do tools address all of these dimensions in an holistic manner. The research described in this paper is that undertaken in the MAPSTRAT project: a scoping study with industrial partners, aiming to satisfy this business need. A comprehensive literature study is described which is contextualized using six case studies. The paper stresses the importance of ‘joined-up thinking’ and outlines plans for an appropriate tool that is under development.
    • Web-based expert systems

      Duan, Yanqing; University of Luton (IGI Global, 2009)