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Recent Submissions

  • Teaching with technologies: the essential guide

    Younie, Sarah; Leask, Marilyn (Open University Press, 2013-02)
  • Secret codes: the hidden curriculum of semantic web technologies

    Edwards, Richard; Carmichael, Patrick (Taylor & Francis, 2012-10)
    There is a long tradition in education of examination of the hidden curriculum, those elements which are implicit or tacit to the formal goals of education. This article draws upon that tradition to open up for investigation the hidden curriculum and assumptions about students and knowledge that are embedded in the coding undertaken to facilitate learning through information technologies, and emerging ‘semantic technologies’ in particular. Drawing upon an empirical study of case-based pedagogy in higher education, we examine the ways in which code becomes an actor in both enabling and constraining knowledge, reasoning, representation and students. The article argues that how this occurs, and to what effect, is largely left unexamined and becomes part of the hidden curriculum of electronically mediated learning that can be more explicitly examined by positioning technologies in general, and code in particular, as actors rather than tools. This points to a significant research agenda in technology enhanced learning.
  • Research capacity building in education: the role of digital archives

    Carmichael, Patrick (Taylor & Francis, 2011-09-26)
    Accounts of how research capacity in education can be developed often make reference to electronic networks and online resources. This paper presents a theoretically driven analysis of the role of one such resource, an online archive of educational research studies that includes not only digitised collections of original documents but also videos of contextual interviews with the original researchers, linked and presented using emerging ‘semantic web’ technologies. An exploration with a group of early career researchers in education of how the archive might be used to support their own research activities is reported: this suggests that thinking about such online resources as elements of heterogeneous ‘assemblages’ may be useful in their design and in understanding their role in research training and research networks more generally.
  • Children's behaviour and cognitions across different balance tasks

    Messer, David J.; Pine, Karen J.; Butler, Cathal; Open University; University of Hertfordshire (Elsevier, 2008-02)
    Children's understanding of the way objects balance has provided important insights about cognitive development [e.g., Karmiloff-Smith, A. (1992). Beyond modularity: A developmental perspective on cognitive science. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; Siegler, R. S. (1976). Three aspects of cognitive development. Cognitive Psychology, 8, 481–520]. We investigated the performance of 86 children aged between 5 and 7 years to see whether their cognitions about balance were consistent across different types of balance task. The children did not utilise the same cognitive processes across the different tasks; instead performance appeared to be influenced by perceptual and task characteristics. The findings emphasise that children's ability to access their knowledge varies with task demands and that theories about cognitive development need to take greater account of this variation.
  • The well‐being of the UK Academy, 1998–2004.

    Jones, Fiona; Kinman, Gail; Kinman, Russell; University of Bedfordshire; De Montfort University; University of Leeds (Carfax Publishing Co., 2006-04-01)
    This paper compares the findings of two studies, conducted in 1998 and 2004, of academic staff in British universities. It examines the stability over time of working hours, specific work stressors and levels of psychological distress. Comparisons are also made between the levels of psychological distress currently reported by academic staff and those reported by other professional groups and the general population in the UK. Finally, the paper assesses the extent to which UK universities are meeting minimum health and safety at work standards for the management of job stressors. The findings indicate that: there has been little change in the levels of most stressors experienced over the six year period; the high levels of psychological distress found in the 1998 study are undiminished and exceed those of other professional groups and the population generally; the majority of the health and safety at work standards are not met. Possible implications of these findings for the quality of UK higher education are discussed.
  • Monitoring and assessing pupils

    Raiker, Andrea (Routledge, 2008)
  • A comparison of student teacher conceptions of excellence in teaching at two universities in England and Finland

    Raiker, Andrea; Rautiainen, Matti (BERA, 2012)
    ‘Excellence' is a word that appears regularly in government documentation on teaching, for example when reviewing the curriculum review in England (DFE, 2011) or teacher education (DFE, 2010) but it is not defined. It appears that conceptions of excellence may be different in England and Finland,arising out of philosophical, historical, socio-economic and political differences, in other words, from cultural backgrounds. This assumption was tested by means of a small international research project that investigated student teacher conceptions of excellence in teaching at Education Departments at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and the University of Bedfordshire in England.
  • Threshold concepts and their use in the professional development of mathematics teachers: a methodology for collaboration across four European countries

    Raiker, Andrea (BERA, 2012)
    This study is focused on the introduction of threshold concepts (Meyer and Land, 2006) to mathematics teachers in Finland, Portugal, Spain and the UK as part of their professional development. A multidisciplinary team drawn from the four participating countries have developed a methodology to identify threshold concepts in the teaching of ratio. A flexible multiple case study approach with an exploratory perspective allows the attenuation of differences arising from the contexts of each of the four countries and research teams whilst providing a basis for comparative analysis. The research design involves combining technologies such as pathfinder associative networking and knowledge mapping software, developed specifically for the research, and traditional methods.
  • Cognitive development

    Raiker, Andrea; University of Bedfordshire (Sage, 2007)
  • Assessment for learning

    Raiker, Andrea; University of Bedfordshire (Sage Publications, 2007)
  • A personalised approach to improving students’ learning outcomes

    Raiker, Andrea; University of Bedfordshire (Copenhagen Business School Press, 2009)
  • Creativity and reflection: some theoretical perspectives arising from practice

    Raiker, Andrea; University of Bedfordshire (Libri Publishing, 2010)
  • An investigation into the undergraduate dissertation tutorial as a Personal Development Planning (PDP) process to support learner development

    Raiker, Andrea; University of Bedfordshire (University of Bedfordshire, 2010-11)
    The investigation discussed in this paper was motivated by a finding revealed through analysis of the dissertation grades of final year undergraduates on an education honours degree. A third of dissertations received grades equating to third class honours or fails and this was viewed by the Faculty as being unacceptable. As a Fellow of the University’s Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with a focus on personal development, I was asked by the course leader to identify possible causes and suggest changes. My critical reflection on the dissertation suggested that its creation is predicated upon Personal Development Planning (PDP) processes practised through the mediation of the tutorial. I am investigating the effectiveness of the tutorial to support learner development over a two year period, contributing to an overarching action research project undertaken by the National Action Research Network (NARN). This paper presents the outcomes of the first cycle of my action research, involving the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from students and dissertation supervisors. At this stage it appears that the design of the dissertation meets the needs of some students but not all, particularly the lower third of the sample cohort. Furthermore some students, including a number of thirds and fails, do not perceive tutorial support as essential for the successful completion of their dissertations. Overall, it appears that the tutorial process requires review in order to support the autonomous and/or collaborative learning needed for effective learner development.
  • Educational experiences and needs of Horn of Africa children in Islington Schools

    Kuyok, A.K.; Maylor, Uvanney; Robson, J.; Ross, A.; London Metropolitan University (Institute for Policy Studies in Education, 2009)
  • Aspects of school workforce remodelling: strategies used and impact on workload and standards

    Hutchings, Merryn; Seeds, K.; Coleman, N.; Harding, C.; Mansaray, A.; Maylor, Uvanney; Minty, Sarah; Pickering, E. (Department for Children, Schools and Families, 2009)
  • Educational experiences and needs of Horn of Africa children in Camden schools

    Kuyok, A.K.; Maylor, Uvanney; Robson, J.; Hutchings, Merryn; London Metropolitan University (London Metropolitan University, 2009)
  • Our languages: teachers in supplementary schools and their aspirations to teach community languages

    Minty, Sarah; Maylor, Uvanney; Issa, Tözün; Kuyok, Kuyok; Ross, Alistair (Institute for Policy Studies in Education London Metropolitan University, 2008)
  • Experiences of black and minority ethnic staff working in higher education: literature review

    Leathwood, C.; Maylor, Uvanney; Moreau, Marie-Pierre (Institute for Policy Studies in Education London Metropolitan University, 2009)
  • Scoping manageable and strategic approaches to CPD for supply teachers

    Hutchings, Merryn; Osgood, Jayne; Allen, Kim; Maylor, Uvanney; Williams, Katya (2009)

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