• Comparing dynamitic difficulty adjustment and improvement in action game

      Zu, Yi (University of BedfordshireUniversity of Bedfordshire, 2016-02)
      Designing a game difficulty is one of the key things as a game designer. Player will be feeling boring when the game designer makes the game too easy or too hard. In the past decades, most of single player games can allow players to choose the game difficulty either easy, normal or hard which define the overall game difficulty. In action game, these options are lack of flexibility and they are unsuitable to the player skill to meet the game difficulty. By using Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA), it can change the game difficulty in real time and it can match different player skills. In this paper, the final goal is the comparison of the three DDA systems in action game and apply an improved DDA. In order to apply a new improved DDA, this thesis will evaluate three chosen DDA systems with chosen action decision based AI for action game. A new DDA measurement formula is applied to the comparing section.