Comparative and International Education and Lifelong Learning Research Group33

Over the past few years the Centre has developed research activities across a number of countries and school sectors including many of the EU countries such as France, Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands and the constituent countries and islands of the UK (where interesting new areas for comparative education are now developing). Much of this work includes specific country studies, comparisons of school sectors, and inter-European collaborations for the development of school initiatives supported by EU funding programmes. More recently, there has been an increase in the number doctoral-based studies of research students following the introduction of new PhD and EdD programmes, the Centre has extended its geographical range of countries and educational systems to include studies on aspects of school and college developments in Sri Lanka (school policy issues, English Language studies), Canada (reflective teaching, adult education), Ghana (higher education development in rural areas) and Malawi (primary education). Further studies in EU countries which include comparative and international developments in schools, cross-country studies in educational achievement, and the development of modern languages are being planned.


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